Experience The Top Tucson AZ Attractions With Your Family

Experience The Top Tucson AZ Attractions With Your Family

Traveling Tucson is quite fun, and you’re going to discover many great things to do. The Old Pueblo features 300+ major places of interest according to one travel site. It is a great city for exploring the beautiful outdoors if you’re a nature buff. Here are 4 of the top attractions in Tucson AZ.

It may not be the Grand Canyon, but Sabino Canyon is a wonderful place to explore. You’re going to be trekking through the Catalina Mountains when you visit the Sabino Canyon. You’re also going to be in what’s called the Coronado National Forest. Aside from just a great hiking experience, you can also go swimming and enjoy a great picnic. If you would rather visit the canyon without having to take a major hike, there is a bus tour that is available. That sounds like a plan, too.

The Pima Air & Space Museum is a great place to explore in Tucson. Located at 6000 East Valencia Road, The Pima Air & Space Museum features a very large collection of aircraft. In fact, it’s said to be one of the largest in the entire world. The Boneyard Bus Tour is what people say you need to book, and the reviews point to the fact that you need to do it in advance.

Saguaro National Park is the 3rd featured attraction, and people say that you need to see both sides of this park, which are known as the east and west sides. There are all kinds of great hiking trails, and there are great picnic areas, too. One review mentions that the Mica View Trail is one of the best, and that it is also a great place for enjoying that picnic. Enjoy the beautiful scene at Saguaro National Park.

Franklin Museum at 1405 East Kleindale Road is a unique place to explore. Are you familiar with Franklin automobiles? It’s going to be quite a treat to see the cars featured at this museum. Not only do you get to see those antique automobiles, but there are also prehistoric artifacts in the Franklin Museum as well.

Tucson is going to be so much fun for you to explore. It is called Optics Valley for a reason. You’re going to see so much and do so much. Make sure you spend enough time out in nature. There are so many beautiful areas of Tucson, Arizona, The Old Pueblo.